Thursday, August 16, 2012

light bending goddess gives me super powers. behind a camera lens, my power comes to life. i can freeze time. go back in time. capture memories. evoke memories. expose + manipulate small portions of a subject’s universe. spotlight the rarely seen + reveal the unseen. yes, behind the lens i am all powerful. i am all seeing. with my camera i’m transformed. i become. i’m. i am a light bending goddess…

 i use my powers for good. creative joy. i am the creator + director + producer
drama (800x600)of my very own “light drama”.
in the shadows of my shutter creative worlds collide.
the world of nature.

the fashion world.

i span generations.
unit friends + family
a photojournalist.
i am a historian.
a curator. i am
a digital collage
a photography maven.
i find this inexplicable joy
when i…
capture a butterfly’s landing
review shots from my daily activities + surroundings

i discover so many surprising awe inspiring details
that escaped my natural eye at first gaze
drunk on the nectar of  it's  “creative haze”
that my camera makes  possible.

my camera gives me light-bending power...

my online portfolio at DeviantArt

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