Sunday, August 12, 2012

embracing change

my first blog post almost a year ago

i've always been fascinated by butterflies. when i was 5 yrs old i heard about the concept of reincarnation when loving family tried to explain the concept of death to me because my grandfather had to "put-down" our dog.  i latched onto that idea and secretly hoped i'd come back as a butterfly.  probably because to me they were the most interesting beautiful creatures on earth, at least that i was aware of and now well into adulthood my opinion hasn't really changed.

there's something mystical about their journey that encapsulates the mystery and awe of our human existence and universe in general and the ability +  the necessity for us both to adapt and change in order to survive. yes, we all go through a type of metamorphose.  a metamorphose that allows more and more of our beauty and uniqueness to be revealed + shine. why then are we afraid of change. i've learned to embrace it more and more.  to revile in the process and the interesting journey it paves.

one of my favorite icons, Oprah,  has this very topic on the cover of her magazine's September Issue.
"Transformation"  i believe Oprah to very insightful and enjoy reading her letter to her readers. what she knows for sure about transformation "is that it happens when you dare to be awakened to greater heights. when you stay open no matter what. each experience strengthens you and adds depth and wisdom."

to me that's a beautiful thing and i believe Oprah is absolutely spot on.  whatever you call it metamorphose + transformation + change is what leads to the good stuff + your true awesomeness.
don't be afraid.

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