Sunday, August 26, 2012

Orange salad

My Orange Salad

i tried this super easy orange salad. inspired by ( Rachel Ray's) 

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Hot and Sweet Orange Salad

my take using what was on hand in my kitchen...


1-2 medium size oranges
1 medium red onion
fresh mint
lime zest (optional)

i sliced the onion. i realized afterwards i should have sliced them julianne so i did dice them smaller after the picture was taken.
then peeled oranges and sliced like pinwheels not long segments
combined them in a large salad bowl
drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
topped with mint and olives
(this recipe courtesy of Rachel Ray)

my variation  (added):
fresh mint (from my garden)
black olives
lime zest
and served with a few pepperoncini over mixed iceberg and butter lettuce
it was very good. different. be aware the onions can a bit overpowering especially after the salad sits (marinates awhile) you may want to use more sparingly they are very strong, a little goes a long way.
i want to make this again and use feta cheese

so for a quick easy dish on the fly this is a definite winner.  next time i'll get all the ingredients for Rachel's recipe and make with fewer deviations. however, i like that i can put my own spin on most of her dishes.  in fact she encourages and often gives suggestions to do just that.

what a fantastic way to enjoy oranges anytime really.


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