Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Favorite Beauty DIY

My Favorite Beauty DIY

Lip jewelry

Chantecaille lip gloss

Clinique makeup
$24 - harrods.com


$22 - debenhams.com


Clinique beauty product
$47 - johnlewis.com

Clinique beauty product
$23 - johnlewis.com

Ethan Allen Owen Bed

Friday, May 17, 2013

Extend the life of multiple Bouquets

three (3) medium size bouquets,  vases and  container

no floral foam, frogs or other nifty floral arrangement supplies I improvised using the mesh from a bag of onions and an old unused bowl to create what I believe is referred to as a frog.  It's this thing you can put in the bottom of vases of flowers that's usually round with lots of holes to place the stems more securely and strategically.

 but even with the DIY floral frog the stems seem to have a mind of their own and fell over to the edge of the container. 

 I started placing the flowers in the chosen container, an old unused ice bucket....

 I removed and discarded the dead, limp and lifeless blooms....

 I realized the container (ice bucket) was a little too big for the arrangement so I add filler in the way of an old egg carton, I suppose newspaper, bubble wrap, paper towel or old plastic grocery bags could be used as well, depending on your container and it's ability to camouflage it.

 I cut the egg carton into four (4) lengthwise strip....

 ....and just shove them down the sides and it instantly makes the arrangement more compact

 ...and tah dah!.... It's one huge beautiful bouquet.

 Now, mom get's to enjoy her Mother's Day Flowers a bit longer and in a slightly different way

 ...and I like that I recycled things that weren't being used or going to be discarded otherwise.

still had a few left over for another vase, a very pretty one that one of the original bouquets came in

It's very pretty too. I used a minimalist approach sort of a Japanese-style.\

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother’s Day brings flowers

Mother’s Day means flowers, doesn’t it.DSC00119-dd
April Showers bring May flowers, just in time for Mother’s Day.
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