Monday, August 13, 2012

shout out to all my bag ladies

i like bags. you name it. purse. clutch. handbag. shoulder bag. pocketbook. cosmetic bag. coin purse. luggage. suitcase.  backpack. satchel. briefcase. doctor bag. hobo bag.  trunk. 
 a bag by many other names...

ever since i can remember i’ve loved bags. of almost any kind. there is always an occasion for a bag. bag for every occasion. i do a lot of thrift store + flea market + yard sale shopping.  when i found a great bag i just can’t resist bringing it home.

i’ve acquired quite a selection even after years of constant purging.  bags like cars like houses have their own unique character + purpose. there are songs about bags – Erika Badu.  a criminal offense – purse snatching.

my fascination + love of  bags. part of  the  “Y” chromosome factor --the female DNA. hereditary perhaps there are lots of bag lovers in my family - i've passed it on to my daughter. she loves bags too. 

a recent thrift store find. still in great (almost mint) condition.  brand new this bag sales for $40-60. i got "the sak"  for as they say, "a song + a dance" -about  1/10th of the retail price.


while spring cleaning this season i came across an old purse that inspired a recycling project

after a  couple coats of  spray paint + a clear coat of  polyurethane for a bit of weather proofing. i placed a plastic planter liner inside + chose the plants to fill my newly recycled

"purse planter"

it's one of the highlights of my container garden this season

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