Tuesday, August 7, 2012

applying lashes

  • come in a myriad of styles and colors (usually designated by a number (#).
  • can be used + worn multiple times.
  • available in self-adhesive.
Choose one that is right for you +your style +mood +occasion.

General Directions to Apply Lashes:
  1. Check Fit. Place Lash along natural lash line to check fit and length.  Trim Excess if needed. (Now, If you want, cut the lash in two pieces for additional ease in application)
  2. Apply Adhesive (if lashes aren’t self-adhesive)  Another good tip offered by Gayle, apply adhesive to the back of your hand first, then lightly drag the edge of the lash through the glue.  This way you don’t get a lot of excess glue.
  3. Apply Lashes to eyelid (as close to natural lash line/roots as possible); press in place (this is where I found a Q-Tip to be most handy)
Care & Cleaning:  Keep lashes stored in their case when not in use. Clean lashes occasionally with a brush (make up brushes work great); use tweezers to remove adhesive
Restore or refresh the curl by rolling it in wax paper around a pencil and secure with a rubber band.

...see  pics of my  jazzed-up lashes  + read how i finally worked up  my nerve 

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