Sunday, August 5, 2012

why blog "lifestyle"

Why blog?  why a Lifestyle blog?  because it works for me.  it's a good fit. i'm creative with many varied interest and activities.  i've always felt "trapped", boxed-in, with previous blogs I started, and there have been many.  sadly, they all eventually died a slow painful neglectful death.

i found that whatever project, hobby or activity was occupying my mind and time was what i like to blog about so when i moved onto to something else, as I "always" do; the blog died.  i didn't want to write about it anymore and my current work or interest didn't seem to fit blog's theme or focus very well.  i even tried keeping multiple blogs so that i could have one for each area of interest but that was too overwhelming and impossible to keep current.

so i dropped out of the blogs-a-spere altogether for a while.  actually i kinda left cyberspace altogether, except for work related activity.  i was busying trying to keep my real-life going.  although i wasn't actively on the web i was always thinking about it, it's the "geek" in me, can't help it.

during my cyberspace hiatus i discovered some things that eventually brought me back, with more clarity of purpose.  i came to understand the importance of branding.  and once i figured out who i was and want to be, in order to articulate that uniqueness to ; distinction separates and differentiates me from others. 

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