Thursday, August 9, 2012

my beauty confession... Lashes

my sexy lashes...
I finally got the courage to try false lashes. Yes, I have some vanity issues and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I just recently had another birthday and while it was joyous to see another.

Now that I’m in the over fifty club , I want to try some new things. When I was a young girl, I thought fake lashes were ridiculous. I’ve always believed that real beauty begins on the inside and that we should work with what God has given us. But, I still like to do whatever I can to look my best to enhance that natural beauty radiating on the inside. As the birthdays, come and go, the more enhancements I seek. I’m not going to go into plastic surgery and all the other endless possibilities that exist for women to enhance their beauty (at least not in this post).
No this post is about a $5 drugstore item that can really restore and enhance the beauty of your eyes. As we age, it’s natural to do whatever we can to hold on to our youthful looks. Because I know doesn’t mean we can’t put some pretty window dressing on the outside too.

Inspired to try “fake” lashes by my son’s girlfriend and Gayle King (Oprah’s friend, +News Channel 5 Morning Show host). Both of these ladies are in the entertainment industry so the lashes are a must for them. And yes, back in the day I had my little time and stent in the industry and wore them then too. But I’ve long since been out of that field with no desires to return, but I still want to look good.

I wanted to bring back a little sparkle to my eyes.
I miss the compliments I once received on them (and must admit kind of took them for granted at the time. And while I do still have the same eyes pretty much; they have indeed lost a little sparkle over the years and gained a few wrinkles and crows-feet in the process. The lashes just don’t pop like they once did, even when I pile on the mascara. I battle redness, dark circles, and puffiness more than most because of severe allergies. So if a pair of lashes could give my eyes a little added humph, I'm game (a pretty cheap vanity fix).

The results….

First time I tried them was on vacation in Miami. I would be around new people and had less fear of judgment. I really liked the look. It was not easy putting them on and I must admit I still was totally comfortable enough with them to do it too often.
Second time, Valentine’s Date. I was starting to like them more and more. They made my eyes look very sultry and sexy. I can live with that. But it was still challenging to apply them.
Third time, my most recent birthday. Third time is a charm. I’ve got the knack of applying them down to a fine little science now. I remember the tips Gayle gave and found a few more tricks myself.

Gayle King’s tip: suggested cutting them in half before applying them. That really helped, not having to work with the entire lash positioning and gluing all at once.
The tip I discovered for myself: a Q-tip. Very useful aide in positioning the lashes, smoothing and help to remove excess glue easily.

girls put your lashes on +get your sexy back;-)

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