Friday, August 10, 2012


just what the heck is a foodie?
foodies are amateur hobbyists (wanna be chefs + critics) that love food + want to learn everything they can about the science + consumption + preparation, of both the best + the ordinary in the industry + superstar food personalities  

guess that makes me a foodie + it's partly their fault:

The ChewABC TV show with five fabulous host + cooks + guest + great format + variety + the chemistry +  each hosts’ personality is simply outstanding.  I want to hang out with them. This is my “new fav” show. 

The Splendid TableNPR, Sunday radio program hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, acclaimed food writer + cooking teacher. She gives great tips + reviews + recipes. 

Rachel RayCBS TV show host + cook + lifestyle guru + adorably beautiful 

Cooking brings me joy + comfort + creativity
yep, am a foodie + proud of it + I got pictures to prove it

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