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DIY Bath Salts


Epson Salt
Baking Soda
Sea Salts
Fragrance – optional

large tub or  pot [plastic or stainless steel]
large mixing spoon


Pour Epsom Salt, baking soda, and sea salt into large tub.
Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly. Proportions are all a matter of taste.  Each ingredient lends it's own special texture and qualities to the finished bath salts.  Each dry ingredient could be used alone as suitable bath salts--baking soda is an excellent water softener; epsom salts are great for soothing sore muscles.  You could try one third of each type of salt or half epsom and sea salt with a small amount of baking soda for a more soothing relaxing combination.

I love baths and bath salts are a very important aspect of my bathing ritual so I make them up in large batches.  I also sell them for fund raising


Scent as desired using essentials oils to keep it natural. or synthetic fragrances of suitable grade, meaning for cosmetic use.

DSC08704.coconut scrub

Coloring - optional add if desired using food coloring.  Be aware a small drop goes a long long way. Tah Dah! Bath Salts.


Now package for use or gifts.


Be sure to store any extra in some type of air-tight container or zip lock bag.


Easy peezy. Enjoy. Packaging and gift idea post coming soon.
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