Monday, June 3, 2013

Lemon Leaves

I love lemons and use them all the time. Lemons provide some healthful benefits and although I don’t live in a climate suitable for lemon trees; I thought growing lemon leaves would be the next best thing.  Turns out growing them is super easy and cheap. All you need is a lemon (a regular store bought will do) and a little soil.

Stay tuned for more pictures and post to come on my lemon leaves adventure.

This was so easy thanks to a great blog post I found on pinterest, that was very detailed with all the research he’d found and his own successful results.  I followed his advise, which was simple to put the “fresh” seeds (meaning right from the lemon—no drying or soaking) in some dirt (he used an old ice cream cup); water and wait.  No magically positioning of seeds, etc.  It sounded easy enough and turns out it was.

I planted my seeds and waited, five days nothing and I began to wonder if it would work.  I remained patient and on the 8th day saw the first leaf unfurling.  By 14th day little green sprouts were popping up everywhere….


which i discovered through his pin displayed below

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