Sunday, June 23, 2013

Container Gardening

Gardening runs in my family. I never cared much about until I got my own apartment then I wanted plants, lots of plants. Who did I call for advice about them, my mom, of course.  My mother has always planted flowers and most of the time a vegetable garden. I always tell people that she has two green hands.  She could grow things and cook things that made you pay attention.  What that? How’d you do this or that? She usually had answer if was about plants or food.

When I finally had my own house and full two acre lot, I really became interested in gardening, flowers that is, still wasn’t real turned on about the vegetable garden thing but now I am what with the cost of food amongst other life changes.  I know I still can’t commit to a the “old-fashion” style vegetable garden my parents and grandparents kept for many reasons.

Container gardening, urban gardening, small space gardening is my solution.


I have a new obsession, now, looking for alternative ways and methods of growing vegetables.  One of my favorite sources of information is the internet, so I thought I'd share my results here as well.


So far I’ve learned to grow lettuce, potatoes, onions, and  all from kitchen scraps.  I've been growing herbs fairly successfully for a quite a while from seed

grow-ur-veggies copy

It’s so easy and the results will astound you.  I felt like I had planted magic beans when my plants began growing. Any type of lettuce can be use, just cut the “root-end” off; you know the part you never use and usually toss in the trash or compost, yep that part.  You’ll want to leave about 2-3 inches of “fleshy” part. Then place this in a shallow bowl and fill with just a little water. I’d try to stay about 1/4-1/2”.  Keep it water and watch for signs of rot from the “fleshy” part you left on and if you see the leaves getting a little mushy take it off.  You don’t want your water getting all moldy and yucky.  You will see growth in about 3-4 days, no kidding, that quick. That’s it.

Easy Peezy….

Look for future post on growing celery, onions, potatoes and ginger.

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