Sunday, May 5, 2013

the Cat Drawing Guy is kind

Thanks to Steve, the "CatDrawingGuy" that I first became aware of on #ABC #SharkTank show.  He was so funny and I knew he was a kindred spirit when his presentation included a very quirky dance move.  Anyways, time passes and we become twitter and facebook friends. Well a few nights ago, Steve was traveling on the train, bored and sent out request to followers for suggestions for cats, because that's what he does.  He draws although doodles would be more accurate perhaps, cats.  Yes, cats, cats of all kinds doing all sorts of weird requested things.

I tweeted a request for a nurse cat, and lo and behold.....

I now have a very special gift for Mom this Mother's Day.  She has been very ill resulting in frequent  extended hospital stays and we are in the midst of one of those hospital stays now.  She is a retired RN, so I know this will be great "Art" therapy for her and the other nurses providing her care.

a gift for mom

The kindness of strangers 

Thanks, Steve!  You Rock!

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