Thursday, November 21, 2013

Earth-friendly Gift ideas --tis the Season

The gift season is upon us when undoubtedly we'll hear countless stories about gift giving etiquette when no doubt the dreaded "Re" word [re-gifting] will come up.  The general consensus being:

Re-Gifting --not cool.

Re-Purposed or Re-cylced Gifts --Very Cool!

You would be surprised the "priceless" treasures that can be created from what might otherwise be considered useless "trash"

Here is one idea that i have seen many times on Pinterest and finally got around to actually trying it myself:

Hollowed out old light bulbs; re-purposed and transformed into magnificent, tiny, decorative  containers and vases.

... my first attempt and it was quick and easy.


I used an old broken candelabra  to display multiple bulbs instantly creating a unique centerpiece that can be easily revamped or decorated for different looks or occasions.

have a plant that's getting to big; needs thinning? gift a starer plant in a creative display "old light bulb"

I'm sure yo can come up with many other ideas and ways to use these hollowed-out light bulbs.

Pinterest | tutorial from TeamDroid - very good
Tumbler | Tiny Terra make awesome miniature terrariums using old bubs


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